Video On Demand

We provide end-to-end solution to get you started with Online Training Business.

You are an Expert in Training; you Master the same. Leave Technology & Online piece of work for us from having your Online Platform to securing your online content. We will do everything so that you focus on delivering the best to your participants.

Why we are different

We help you get started with your online training program without worrying about the technicality of managing it.

Easy to Use

Keep your focus on the training and leave the rest to us.

Cloud Storage

You can rest assured your training content is secure is the cloud storage.

Secure Access

Allow only your participants to access the content & avoid misuse of your video content.


We can encrypt the video stream if you require a highly secured stream.

Trusted Technology

We use only trusted and proven technology to help you.

Intelligent Stream

Let your Participants Stream Smart and Stream securely without any interruption.

Encoding & Encryption

Your content is Encoded and Encrypted to enhance the data security.

Pay What You Use

Pay as you use model helps you optimize your recurring expenses.

Our Process

We have a simple 3-step process to follow


Upload all your videos to our secure cloud.


Our high performance compute engines will encode your videos and will generate outputs for different resolutions.


Stream the videos as requested by your users.

Exclusive Pricing

Affordable and Flexible Packages

Startup Plan

Suitable for newly formed startups.

  • Training Webpage (Optional)
  • Basic Security
  • Upload Videos
  • Videos can be downloaded easily
  • Full Access


Original Price


Special Price

+ Zero Variable Price

Enterprise Plan

Suitable for established organizations.

  • Training Webpage (Optional)
  • Enterprise level security
  • Extremely difficult to download videos
  • Just in time Encryption
  • Digital Rights Management Technology
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Scalability to handle all audience sizes


Original Price


Special Price

Business Plan

Suitable for growing startups.

  • Training Webpage (Optional)
  • High Security
  • Upload Videos
  • Difficult to Download Videos
  • Full Access


Original Price


Special Price

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